We could reinvent how we do things?

The integration of business principles is essential for successful Catholic schools today. SDG Advisors facilitates this integration process.

We bring integrity, sensitivity and proven success in strengthening an organization’s mission with a fresh approach.  We believe that schools can be revitalized, even transformed, with this new model, and we are driven by the following core values:

  • A desire to affect systemic change by investing in faith-based education for children.
  • A recognition that children of all faiths and of no faith and that those with economic means and with no means deserve the opportunities that only education can provide.
  • A belief in the practical blend of business principles and commitment to mission in order to strengthen our educational institutions.
  • A commitment to creative inspired responses to the ever-changing challenges in Catholic education.
  • A partnership of respect and inclusion where our unique gifts, differing points of view and varied experiences are valued as opportunities for mutual growth.

works with Catholic K-12 schools to help them understand their finances, market for enrollment,
 raise more money, build better boards and plan for their future.

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