You could start over?

Planning for a New Way

This isn’t your mother’s Catholic school. Catholic education tomorrow won’t look like it did in the last forty years. Whether you are clustering with another school or managing growth, you need to plan for a future that doesn’t look familiar to you now. There’s never been a better opportunity to shape a new way.

Planning is more than a meeting about next year’s budget. Successful schools need a comprehensive roadmap that addresses all areas of administration. You’ll need a board of trusted advisors, the best and brightest people you can find, working for you every day. You’ll need a strategy for recruiting and retaining quality students. You’ll need savvy financial management, and a fundraising plan that develops the necessary resources to advance your mission. If you’re not there yet, we can help.

SDG Advisors works with Catholic K-12 schools to develop a strategic plan for the future. We’ll work with you over several months to assess where you are now, and recommend how to get to where you want to be. A comprehensive planning project with SDG includes a financial analysis, a strategic marketing plan, an advancement audit and a board review. We are committed to creative and inspired responses to the challenges in Catholic education today. The possibilities are endless.

Planning is not a luxury. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark. Let's get to it.

works with Catholic K-12 schools to help them understand their finances, market for enrollment,
 raise more money, build better boards and plan for their future.

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