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Marketing for Enrollment

The days have passed when a school just opened its doors and the neighborhood kids came. Today, a comprehensive strategy for recruitment and retention of quality students is critical for any successful school. A strategic marketing and enrollment management plan for your Catholic school is so much more than listing registration dates in the parish bulletin or placing an ad in the local Catholic newspaper.

A solid marketing analysis looks at more than the school’s brochure and a menu of advertising options. It clarifies the distinct offering of the school, such as the strength of the programs and the success of the students – the Product. It assesses tuition as it relates to the fiscal health of the school and to the alternatives that families have – the Price. It defines the differentiating factors of the school relative to its competitors – the Position. And it optimizes ways to communicate the unique benefits of the school to its target families – the Promotion.

SDG Advisors works with Catholic K-12 schools to build a strategic marketing plan with specific strategies and action items for stabilizing and even increasing enrollment. We’ll look at all of the actors affecting you internally and externally. We’ll work with groups of different constituencies to identify the perceptions about your school and any misperceptions that are out there. And then we’ll work with you to capitalize on those perceptions and correct those misperceptions. Our analysis examines every aspect of who you are and how you communicate that and our action items will yield results.

Dust off that waiting list that you haven’t had to use in years, and let’s get to work.

works with Catholic K-12 schools to help them understand their finances, market for enrollment,
 raise more money, build better boards and plan for their future.

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