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Board Governance that Works

Companies rely on advisors to help them run their business. Why shouldn’t you? In the old days, a Catholic school board amounted to the principal and the pastor, but those days are gone. An effective board, whether governing or advisory, is a resource you can’t live without.

Your board members are your eyes and ears. They are the gateway to the community. They should bring professional expertise to the table that you couldn’t possibly maintain on staff. They should support you financially, and they should provide access to other supporters by fundraising and friendraising every day.

SDG Advisors works with Catholic K-12 schools to build better boards. We’ll review your bylaws, nomination and orientation process, roles and responsibilities, and committee structure. If you don’t have those things, we’ll help you develop them. We’ll help your board work more efficiently and effectively, to meet the challenges your school faces today and tomorrow.

Whether you are a parish school or sponsored school, you need a board that works for you, and we can help you build it.

works with Catholic K-12 schools to help them understand their finances, market for enrollment,
 raise more money, build better boards and plan for their future.

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