Your budget met your needs?

Financial Management for the Future

Youíre an educator, not a financial analyst, but every teacher you hire and every book you buy affects the financial future of your school. Does your budget work for you?

Financial management in a Catholic school is more than paying the bills, and budgeting is more than cutting costs. A budget is a reflection of an organizationís values, and itís an investment plan for the future. Thatís right - a complete financial analysis isnít just a list of cost cuts. In fact, it may even include recommendations for strategic investment in certain key areas. It starts with a detailed examination of key revenue streams such as tuition and enrollment, fundraising for operations, investment earnings and others. It looks at major cost drivers, including salaries/benefits, administration/instruction expenses, development costs and plant/capital expense. And it measures the benchmarks that are unique and important in a school.

SDG Advisors works with Catholic K-12 schools to analyze their finances in a practical way that makes sense. Our analysis examines all of your resources and how you allocate those resources. Weíll give you the financial information you need to make day to day decisions, and weíll make recommendations to guide you in investing in your schoolís future.

A budget is a reflection of a schoolís values. Letís build a budget that supports what matters to you.

works with Catholic K-12 schools to help them understand their finances, market for enrollment,
 raise more money, build better boards and plan for their future.

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