There were still some unanswered questions?

Where do we start?

You’re convinced.  You need a board of trusted advisors, the best and brightest people you can find, working for you every day.  You need a strategy for recruiting and retaining quality students.  You need savvy financial management, and a fundraising plan that develops the necessary resources to advance your mission.  You need some help.   Where do you start? 

We can help.  But before you call, ask yourself, and your team, the following questions: 

*      What is the general focus of your project?

(Planning, Governance, Fundraising, Marketing or Finance)

*      What are the desired goals/outcomes of the project?

*      How would your stakeholders be better served by this project?

*      What are the consequences for not moving ahead with this work?

*      What is the anticipated time frame for project?            

*      What have you budgeted for this project?

*      How are you funding the project?

*      How will you staff the project?

*      Who would your decision maker(s) be on this project?
(President, Principal, Pastor, Board Chair, finance Director, Development Director)

*      What resources will you commit to implementation?


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