There were still some unanswered questions?

How do we choose the right consultant?

Consultants should have qualities similar to those you would expect of a professional staff member. There are some obvious requirements, of course. For example, they should have education and expert knowledge in the subject area of your project. They should have experience with projects similar to yours and strong references from those with whom they have worked on those projects. 

There are also less obvious, but equally important, requirements. The work done with consultants is an intimate collaboration. They should have a working style that fits your organization. There should be good chemistry between the consultants and the members of the organization that will be working on the project. After you meet with a potential consultant, you should feel that the person listened to your needs, that they heard what you were saying, and even what you didnít say. They should ask thoughtful and creative questions about your organization and your project because ultimately you are seeking creative and thoughtful responses to the issues you face. They should help to stimulate and clarify your thinking. 

Above all, consultants should understand and respect the mission and values of your organization. Their job is ultimately to advance the mission of your organization. 

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